After failing a deal with the mob, your only hope is to make a bet with crazy (rich) Carl. “I’m gonna make you an offer you can’t refuse,” he says. “You’re fast, right? Well, I bet you a million dollars you can’t run out of space. Like, actual space. Like, space and time kinda deal, y’know!”

At first you refuse, but then the mob’s henchmen start to chase you. If you do it, you get a million smackers – but if you don’t, the mob gets you. Might as well go for gold…Carl’s gold, that is!

How to play:

  • Press [SPACE] to not die
  • Hold [SPACE] to not die even longer

(press to jump, hold to glide)


  • Speed boost (makes you faster, just like a nice cup o’ joe)
  • Shield (keeps you from sleeping with the fishes)
  • Nuke…No explanation needed


  • RipJoker (Programming)
  • GigaHood (Pixel Art)
  • Iria (Background Art)
  • Kowara (SFX / Music)


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Cute graphics,  intro music and funny sfx.  Nice 'get out' on the theme at the end too!  Wise guys eh!